Are you interested in tackling the biodiversity crisis? Are you passionate about social justice? Do you like to nerd out on data science and coding projects? If your answer to any of these questions is yes and you’re interested in graduate school opportunities in Ottawa, please get in touch!

Here are typical skills I look for:

  • Inter-personal skills, including cultural sensitivity and the ability to work respectfully with Indigenous peoples.
  • Enthusiasm and kindness
  • A desire to make the world a better place for people and nature
  • Here are desirable science skills that are an asset, but not necessarily a requirement:

  • Experience working with large datasets, including database management and analysis
  • Technical skills in GIS and/or R
  • Team management
  • A degree and/or work-related experience in ecology, conservation science, environmental science, geography, or a related field
  • Current opportunities:

    We’re looking for an MSc or PhD student to join our Bird Friendly Cities team